• Solenoid valve coil

    Date: 2012-3-31 9:02:45
    Solenoid valve has a variety of control gases, liquids (such as oil, water), most of the line trap on the body, can be separated, and the spool is made of ferromagnetic material relied on in the coil when the magnetic pick-up spool, driven by the spool valve to complete on or off. The coil can win alone. The solenoid valve is used to control the gas pipeline is turned on or off. Activities within the solenoid valve coil energized in the valve core for the coil to attract mobile drive spool to move to change the conduction state of the valve.

    Heat causes the solenoid valve coil

    When the coil of the solenoid valve is based on work status (power), core pull, forming a closed magnetic circuit. Inductance in the design of the largest state. Its heat is normal, but the core power can not successfully pull coil inductance to reduce the impedance to reduce current increased accordingly, thus leading to the coil current is too large, the life of the affected, so the oil, impurities, deformation of the core activities blocked power slow or does not completely pull the coil is energized from time to time in the low impedance than the normal state, it is leading to the heating coil of the factors.

    Good or bad confirmation of the solenoid valve coil

    With a multimeter the resistance of the solenoid valve coil resistance should be about 1K ohm! If the resistance of the coil is infinite description of the circuit, the coil resistance tends to zero description of the short circuit, it should be replaced with new.

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