• Pulsed solenoid valve also called diaphragm valve

    Date: 2012-4-9 11:37:59

    Pulsed solenoid valve, also known as diaphragm valves, pulse bag dust clean blowing system of compressed air "switch" control of the output signal pulse jet control device, bag-by-row (room) injection cleaning the resistance of the dust collector to keep within the set range to ensure that the processing power and collection efficiency of the precipitator.

    The body coil of the solenoid valve through the wires enter the positive pulse signal generated by the coil flux, so that the moving core pull. When the positive pulse signal input is stopped, dynamic core release, move the core under the action of spring force to return to the initial state to close the valve and another to maintain, and stop the importation of a positive pulse or power can be maintained, need to enter a negative pulse signal can be reset; pulsed solenoid valve working principle is the use of electrical pulses into mechanical pulse of the powerful energy of the pulsating gas into the momentum in a short period of time to release a huge momentum plc control pulse interval should to determine the rated gas pressure recovery time.

    Generally installed in the main oil line or shock absorber back-pressure oil, the transmission automatically upshifts and downshift instantaneous pressure drop in the beginning of the locking clutch lock and lift the locking action, in order to reduce the shift and lock to unlock the shock, to make vehicles run more balanced.

    Electromagnetic pulse valve when in use, before the environmental conditions is very important, which relates to the electromagnetic pulse valve can not be normal and stable operation down. Electromagnetic pulse valve environmental conditions:

    1, according to the power supply types, were selected to the AC and DC solenoid valve. Generally speaking, access to convenient AC power.

    2, the use of a corrosive or explosive environments should be given priority according to the security requirements selection of resistance to hair loss.

    3, the environmental space restricted, please use the multi-function solenoid valve, because it eliminates the need for bypass and three manual valves and easy online service.

    4, the power supply voltage fluctuations are usually exchange selection % -15%, DC to allow addition and subtraction So, should the ultra poor, to be taken by the regulator measures or make a special order requests.

    The maximum and minimum temperatures of 5, the environment should be selected within the allowable range, if the tolerance required for special orders.

    6, the conditions of the power of the electromagnetic pulse valve

    7, the environment, often the occasion of vibration, bumps and shocks, such as special varieties should be selected, such as marine solenoid valve.

    8, the voltage specifications used as preferred AC220V.DC24V.

    9, the relative humidity of the environment and water droplets and rain and so on, should be selected the water solenoid valve.

    10, select the rated current and power consumption should be based on the power supply capacity should be noted that the VA value of the start of the exchange the higher indirect electromagnetic valve, lack of capacity should be preferred.

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