• The working principle of the two three-way solenoid valve

    Date: 2012-4-13 9:01:55
    The working principle of the two three-way solenoid valve, V type ball valve solenoid valve closed cavity in a different location to open the through-hole, each hole leads to a different tubing cavity intermediate valve, on both sides of the two block electro-magnet, which surface of the magnet coil is energized the valve body will be attracted to which side to file live or leaked oil discharge hole by controlling the movement of the valve body into the hole is always open, the hydraulic oil will enter the drain line, and then driven by the pressure of the oil just oil the piston, piston driven piston rod, piston rod drive mechanism moving. This control solenoid current control of mechanical motion.

    Two three-way solenoid valve is divided into a normally closed and two normally open, normally closed means the coil is not powered gas line is broken, the normally open type refers to the gas path is through the coil not energized. Normally closed two way solenoid valve operation principle::the coil is energized, the gas line connected to the coil power, gas line will be disconnected, which is equivalent to "jog". Often open type two-three links, a single electronically controlled solenoid valve action principle: the coil is energized, the gas line is disconnected, once the coil power outages, gas line will be connected, which is the "jog". Two three-way solenoid valves are generally into two series. There are normally open to normally closed argument. Three-port solenoid valve for the A \ B \ C, three port, usually port A to B through A to port C through, but also B to port C pass. Normally closed solenoid valve power, the valve is closed, normally closed type. Is the outflow from the A port.

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