• Gas solenoid valve

    Date: 2012-4-23 11:55:46
    Gas solenoid valve is applicable to city gas, LPG, natural gas, gas for heating the combustion medium pipe two on-off switch, automatic temperature control of the executive body. It is widely used in the textile industry, gas heat setting and glass of the printing industry, the furnace heat of the bulb industry and other sectors of the gas heating automation system.

    Gas solenoid valve, the gas pipeline safety emergency cut-off device. With the gas leak alarm system is connected with the fire and intelligent alarm control terminal module connected, on-site or remote auto / manual emergency cut off gas supply to ensure the safety of gas. Harmful to the strong vibration occurs, the valve will automatically shut down. Open valve shall be subject to human intervention to manually open and meet the safety management standards, in line with the incident handling characteristics.

solenoid valve
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