• Solenoid valve use electricity to control the flow of fluid

    Date: 2012-4-26 11:07:33
    Solenoid valve use electricity to control the flow of fluid. Electrical energy flowing into the solenoid coil creates a magnetic field that pulls open a plug nut made of magnetic material and lets fluid flow through the pipe. When current is turned off, a spring forces the plug back into place, closing off flow once again.

    These valves physically separate the control system from the valve, using a lever to convey the force from the coil to the core. In this way, the control system is protected from heat emanating from the fluids passing through the valve. This type of valve is then suited for high-heat applications, and also handles high pressures and flow rates well. They use screw or spigot connectors.

    Rocker solenoids employ a metal rocker that swivels as the core moves up or down to open or close the solenoid. The rocker presses the diaphragm to create a hermetic seal between the fluid and control system. These are also good for handling aggressive fluids, or for maintaining absolute purity in the fluid passing through. They have quick response times and use either screwed or splined connections.

    Diaphragm solenoids take the form of a compact valve with a stainless steel or plastic body and silicon diaphragm that protects the electrical system from the fluid passing through. They use a low-power coil and screwed connections and are suited for aggressive fluids.

    Bellows solenoid valve is the most mechanically simple solenoid, with the control system pushing a plug straight down into the flow of fluid. They are made of high-durability materials that allow them to handle corrosive fluids, resulting in a valve that will work reliably over extended periods. These valves use screw connectors.

    These solenoids use the force of the solenoid coil to press down on a flexible pipe, pinching off the flow. Unlike other types of valve in which the fluid flows through the valve assembly, these allow no pollution of the fluid from valve components. They work silently, and allow fluid to flow in both directions through the solenoid.

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