• The main features of the SMC solenoid valve

    Date: 2012-5-7 14:58:36

    1, The main features of the SMC solenoid valve solenoid valve leakage blocking must drain easily controlled, safe to use. Inside and outside the leaks endanger the safety factor. Other automatic control valve will usually stem extends from the electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuator control spool to rotate or move. This should solve the long-term actions stem outside the dynamic seal leakage problem; only the solenoid valve is used to seal in the casing of the electric control valve separated from the magnetic core of electromagnetic masterpiece completed, there is no dynamic seal leakage so easy to block must .

    2, The electric valve torque control is not easy, prone to leakage, and even pulled off the stem head; the structural type of the solenoid valve is easy to control leakage, until reduced to zero. Therefore, the solenoid valve to the use of special security, especially for corrosive, toxic or high and low temperature media.

    3,SMC solenoid valve system, will take the computer, the price is low and modest. Solenoid valve structure is simple, low price, easy installation and maintenance compared to other types of control valves and other actuators. More significant is the automatic control system is much simpler and a much lower price.

    4, The solenoid valve is a switching signal control and industrial computer connection is very convenient. Popular in today¡¯s computer prices an era of declining, the solenoid valve is even more obvious advantages. SMC solenoid valve action express, power tiny, lightweight appearance. Solenoid valve response time can be as short as a few milliseconds, even if the pilot solenoid valve can be controlled within tens of milliseconds. Forming the circuit, and more responsive than the other automatic control valve.

    5,A properly designed solenoid valve coil power consumption is very low, is energy-saving products; can also be done simply trigger movement, and automatically maintain valve position, and usually is not power consumption. Solenoid valve small size, saving space and lightweight appearance. Solenoid valve regulation accuracy is limited, apply to media is limited.

    6, The solenoid valve is usually only switch the two states, spool only in the two extreme positions can not be adjusted continuously, (trying to breakthrough a lot of new ideas, but also in the experimental trial stage) regulation accuracy also subject to certain restrictions.

    7,SMC solenoid valve cleanliness of the media have higher requirements, including granular media can not be applied, in the case must first filter out impurities. In addition, the viscous media can not be applied, and a relatively narrow range of a particular product is suitable for medium viscosity.

    8,SMC solenoid valve model and diverse, and versatile. Although the solenoid valve deficiencies, the advantage is still very prominent, so we designed a wide variety of products to meet the various needs and used widely. Solenoid valve technology advances are around how to overcome the deficiencies, how to better play to the inherent advantages commence.

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