• MAP/BARO Pressure Switch Solenoid Valve

    Date: 2012-5-14 11:33:28
    Fuel vapors escape a vehicle, and enter the atmosphere, every time a car is driven down the road. Car manufacturers utilize an evaporative emission system, or EVAP, with a manifold absolute pressure/barometric, or MAP/BARO, pressure switch solenoid valve for control of fuel emissions.

    A MAP/BARO solenoid valve reacts to the commands of the MAP/BARO sensor, as dictated by the engine's on-board computer. Electrical current runs through the solenoid valve for opening and closing the component.

    Without the differing air pressure observations, the EVAP system would have trouble quantifying the internal fuel vapor pressure. A poorly controlled emissions system would allow more fumes into the atmosphere, affecting the environment in a negative way.

    The MAP/BARO sensor observes barometric air pressure and intake manifold pressure through the opening and closing of the MAP/BARO solenoid valve. The solenoid's switch between different air pressures gives the vehicle's EVAP system a chance to balance fresh intake air with the internal fuel vapors.

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