• Pulse Jet Collector Sequential Timers

    Date: 2012-7-2 9:08:14
    The number on the jumper will be set to equal the number of solenoid valve. For example: A 6 position timer board such as the NCC DNC-T2006-A10, combined with a square 25 bag filter that has 5 solenoids and 5 diaphragm valves would have the last output used jumper set on the number 5 pin.

    This is the starting point, and may be increased until a strong pulse firing sound is emitted from every row. These values assume 90 to 100 PSI of clean dry supply air. These values are not applicable to cartridge collectors.

    Depending on the timer board size, and the enclosure it is to be mounted in, some timer boards must be mounted to a back plate that mounts to the back wall of the electrical enclosure, while some can be directly mounted to the enclosure. IAC enclosures are normally NEMA 4, even if the application only requires NEMA 12. If the solenoids are to be mounted in the same enclosure, they are normally installed prior to the timer board.

    Refer to the IAC publication "BENEFITS AND METHODS OF ON DEMAND FILTER CLEANING" for details regarding component selection and uses for the "pressure switch input". The function of this input is to interrupt the cleaning cycle when the input is electrically open.

    When the switch is initially closed, the board will begin to time, and continue to do so until the switch is opened. The running board will simply pause the sequence until the input is closed once more, causing the solenoid valve number after the last one fired to fire.. This means that if a 16 valve collector started a demand cleaning on valve 1 (example at 4.5" w.c), and cleaned down to the low (or stop) set point (example 3" w.c.) by the time it reached valve 7, the input would be open now.

    One lead from each solenoid should be wired common together, and landed on the solenoid common terminal. Please note that this is not the same as the L2 terminal on the board. Also note that the gauge of this wire need only be sized to fire one solenoid at a time in most cases.

    The remaining wire on each solenoid should be connected to the solenoid valve output number that determines ití»s firing order. The number 1 row of bags does not have to be the first row to fire. Some schools of thought believe it is better to work out from the center, or in a totally random pattern.

    The number of solenoid outputs should be greater than or equal to the number of cleaning rows in the collector. There will be situations where a 12 row collector is being controlled with a 10 position timer. This requires two rows to be doubled up on the board. When this must be done it is best to space out the doubling. This is not an IAC recommended practice.

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