Join process:
1, consultation: visit company's website (www.ltqd.com) or send a telegram or a letter here;
2, join application: you can visit the "on-line message" of our company website or come to our company directly to discuss joining matters. At the same time, you should show some related legal persons (natural persons) proofs.
3, cooperative negotiations: we will deeply introduce the company's objectives, company's development plans and policies for you. And both of the two sides have a communication to the details of the contract to reach an agreement;
4, the signing of the contract: after the confirmation of the two parties, then officially sign the joining contract.

Contact Information:
Tel: 86-574-88850982 88870180
Fax: 86-574-88853982
Mobile: 86-13968305898
E-mail: sales@ltqd.com

solenoid valve
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